Auntie K's Diary


Getting serious!


Aaron Livesy's story line has gotten very 
serious this week!!

Danny B Miller, who plays Aaron, is such a great actor, don't you think?

He has been on a several morning talk shows for the past weeks discussing the coming episodes. 

He really had to dug deeper by meeting real life victims so that he can do justice in playing this character.

Here is the reaction of the mother, Chas.

"Guess who isn't afraid to fight back!!"

Yeah!! Right, Chas!!!

Gawd, that felt good to even just see it!

But listen to what Gordon says now...

I can't wait for tomorrow's episode ...

Cain, the superman!!!

Finally, I just want Robron story line to continue and see them together and Aaron's being happy for a change..
Lord, I wonder what he's gonna do now!

Oh I know I am a lost cause.  AN ADDICT!!!

And YES!!!

 I AM working, too, just in case y'all are wondering..



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