Auntie K's Diary


Tonight's dinner was ....

It's Saturday. 
We spent a lazy day doing nothing all day. 
Couldn't decide what to do for dinner.
After a few long conversation, we ended up with going to Auberge Willow. 
The food was great (well we weren't expecting much so it was a great surprise indeed. )
Soup of Mushroom


Grilled Chicken Sandwitch 




Dinner at Willow!!
Soup of mashroom, Grilled Chicken Sandwitch, and Chicken Sandwitch (breaded).

They were all gooooooood!!

The service could be better but who am I kidding. It's a pub after all !!!

#夕飯 #Willow #PubFoods


場所: Willow Place Inn

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