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Bex gives it straight to Robert

Emmerdale - Rebecca Hits Robert Where It Hurts
It will be an explosive episode tonight.

Robert came to Bex with his tail between his legs and asked her to help him stop Ross from blackmailing him.

As she sees Robert in the most vulnerable state she's ever seen, she agrees to talk to Ross and stop him from blackmailing Robert further...

I'm still troubled how Robert tried to get Bex to do what he wanted by seducing her, which was shown in the previous scene. I guess that was why she lashed out like this and gave it straight to Robert. And it was sort of her last advice to Robert. Sort of parting gift from her. She really loved him.

From the spoilers, we all know that Robert tells everything to Aaron in the end (tonight's double episodes). That is a relief. It would have been a massive blow to Aaron, not that Robert's cheating wasn't massive enough, had Chrissie or Ross told Aaron of the unfortunate incident.

I'm still wondering what will happen to the baby... Bex decided to keep it but goes to hospital next week? She also bought one-way ticket to Ibiza... Emily who plays Bex will be leaving the show, too...

I really don't want the baby in the picture. I would love Robron to have a baby but not like this. How can a person raise a child who was born as the result of your spouse's cheating...?? Can you?? I don't think I can...

I guess we just have to wait and see how it unfolds...

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I can't wait to watch the whole episodes this weekend!!