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What are they (Emmerdale) doing to us!!

Things have gotten bad to worse, worse to worst between Aaron and Robert last night...

Emmerdale - Robert's Heart Breaks When He Sees Who Aaron Is With

I am not thrilled with this story line what-so-ever and very anxious that they won't get back together like the producer of the show has been telling us.

What would you do if...

1) your husband cheats on you 2 weeks after the wedding (regardless of the reasons why);

2) not only your husband cheated on you but with someone whom he already had a history;

3) now she is pregnant; and

4) she first agreed to abort the baby but changed her mind so now she and your husband are having a baby.

So the power couple has separated now. BUT Robert (the one cheated on his husband) still loves Aaron and only Aaron...

Now Robert saw Aaron with someone new, what would he do?

How are they going to get back together from this???

If you were Aaron, will you ever be able to trust Robert again? What about the baby? Every time you see the baby, you are reminded of the betrayal that happened only 2 weeks after the wedding... With such a reminder around you, how would one cope? I'd go mental. I'm going mental just watching the show!


Is the land of soap.

Nothing is real. Everything is a make-believe.

But I really want Robron to get back together. They truly were the power couple that have given some fans so many hopes....

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