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EMMERDALE: Super Soap Week

It's that time of the year again, Super Soap Week.

This year, there is a story that continues from the last year's SSW.

Last year, Emma killed James, her husband, by pushing him over the bridge onto a busy highway. She has been covering up what she has done for a year.

Finn, her son, finally finds out the his father was killed on that day.

Emmerdale - Finn Now Has No Doubt That Emma Killed James!

The fight between Emma and Moira turns into a huge explosion of the barn... Is everyone alright or is someone being killed off??

Emmerdale - Moira's Burning Barn Explodes!

After the explosions, Finn is now fighting for his life....

Finn stops breathing

Seriously, there are more dramas and twists in this SSW and I can't look away!

There is one good thing coming soon though... We will have a Robron Christmas !!

Even from Danny B Miller who plays Aaron (Half of Robron)

Another reason to enjoy this Christmas!!!

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