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Robron's Wedding Day!!!

We, the "Robron" fans, have been waiting for this such a long time now.

But they finally tied the knots on tonight's episode.

Emmerdale - Robert and Aaron's Wedding Begins

Emmerdale - Robert and Aaron Say Their Vows

I thought this scene was supposed to aired during tonight's episode because this had been talked about loads on twitter for many weeks but it turned out it didn't make it... Lucky for us, Emmerdale knew how vocal us "the fans" can be so they left this in the deleted scene...

Emmerdale - Aaron Returns Robert's Watch | DELETED SCENE

Awwwwww... Aaron being romantic!

Such a beautiful wedding innit?

And Paddy's speech!! If you haven't watched Aaron's storyline from the beginning, you won't be able to appreciate the sentimental value of his speech. I can't stop crying!!!

Aaron & Robert 051018 Part 1 of 4

Aaron & Robert 051018 Part 2 of 4

Aaron & Robert 051018 Part 3 of 4

Aaron & Robert 051018 Part 4 of 4