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안녕ㅇㅇ 집에 가는 기차 안에서 지금 듣고 있는 옛날 노래. 캬ㅑㅑ! 넘 흥이 들어서 막 일어서서 춤추고 싶당 ㅋㅋㅋ 海外生活日記

Can't cope!! << revised a little☆ >>

Bonjour~☆ It is Thursday and we finally find out what happened on Emmerdale tonight! There are many theories to the story but all I care about is that Robron survives and they would finally get engaged! Take a look at this clip though. Emm…


ボンジュール☆ 前回のお話はこちらから。 今回で終わらせたいので長いです。 朝の話はどこへ?って感じで皆んなと笑いながら美しい海を満喫、エンジョイして船へと戻ったウチら3組のカップル。 プレディナーのカクテルアワーまでちょっと時間があったので一…