Auntie K's Diary


I'm so stocked!


I don't care what y'all say but I am so STOCKED!

STEPS just released a new single and their album will be released in April.

Of course, I have pre-ordered it last night!

I don't know how many people remember them but I LOOOOOVED them!

They were so HUGE, weren't they.

I still have their old CDs and listen to them all the time! Well, their songs are in the list of my favourite songs. Duh!

Can't wait for the music video to come out though.

Here is the official audio clip for the latest song!

Steps - Scared Of The Dark (Official Audio)

They haven't changed at all!! Her voice is as strong as before if not better!
(Well... the technology has improved in the past 10 years too...)

Here is their reunion series aired last year ...

Steps Reunion - Series 1, Episode 1

Their breakup was a massive blow to the fans. I couldn't read the mags or listen to the news. I was so shocked at their breakup.

Well, none of that matters any more innit.

'Cuz they ARE back!!!

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