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Twitter will explode after tonight's episode


Tonight on Emmerdale, Robert confronts Aaron about his drug problem and Aaron rejects Robert... Aaron's rejection is the last thing Robert needs especially when he has been trying so hard to hold things together at home.

Robert finds solace in whiskey, which is never good... Robert texts Bex for support. Robert felt that Aaron's rejection was the end of their relationship and tries to kiss Bex... Not a smart move on Robert's part. Bex apparently rejects his move but we don't know what happens after...

There are many spoilers out there. Some say that they actually sleep together or at least imply that they did. Emmerdale might use that for the future plot making Bex pregnant from this incident. While many say the they didn't sleep together and Robron will get back together.

But if Emmedale actually implied that Robert and Bex slept together, I am certain that they will use it as the future plot. If that happens, then I don't think I can continue support Robron any more... How would you raise a child? A child born out of your husband's cheating. Cheating with one woman he always had to feel inferior or had to compete. How would you look at the child and not be reminded of his betrayal and pain that he had to go through?

Twitter will explode after tonight's episode whatever happens...

Emmerdale spoilers: 13-17 March 2017

Emmerdale - Robert Betrays Aaron With a Kiss

I think this will be one of the hardest Robron episode to watch to date...(´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)

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