Auntie K's Diary


Rumbling to myself


It's been so hectic at work that I have no energy to do anything. Can't even think straight on the way back home on a train...

I just try to relax and decompress while listening to my music. No thoughts. Nothing. Blank. Sort of Zenish state.

Thank god that my stop is the last one though. Because I just zone myself out so much that I don't even notice we're already at the station sometimes. I would have missed my stop all the time if my stop were somewhere in-between.

Standard saving time starts this week.
That makes our TV conference to start at 18:30 instead of 17:30. Buggery bloody hell.
I won't be able to take my train back home from next week or I should just skip this useless TV conference all together...Reckon? Nah, I'd better not. I still got the mortgage to pay...

Oh just a rumbling thoughts...

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