Auntie K's Diary





I am sure everyone heard what happend last night in Nice, France.


I'm really having the hardest time to understand what causes someone like this attacker to believe it's okay and justified to end lives of innocent people.


People whom he doesn't even know...


I guess no one really understands why...


Times like these often make me reflect on my own life.


How have I been living my life?


Have I worked hard enough?


Have I played hard enough?


Have I cared enough about my friends, family and husband?




Have I loved them enough?


Life is so short...


I should spend more time loving people than hating them, shouldn't I.


I should count my happinesses more often than counting the misfortunes, shouldn't I.


I should focus more on my life and not others, shouldn't I.


All the while not being selfish...


I just wish I were wise enough to know how to do all that...




I pray that all victims and their friends and families could find some peace and solace some day soon.