Auntie K's Diary


ITV! Don't Tease us with this!!!

Bonjour ~!



It's TGIF!!


It has really been a long and trying week for me. I was arguing a lot with hubbie this week and on top of that, I had heaps of works to get done...





Alright, I just saw this deleted clip of Robron on Emmerdale on twitter.





Seriously, I saw twitter gone mental just now lol


We, the fandom, want to know why this scene was deleted!!


It's so warm, fluffy, and cute!!! Exactly what they need for the holiday season after all the shxxs they've been through this year!  And exactly what we wanted to see them in!!!


They'd better have another scene that is way better than this or !


Well, that was my rumbling of the day.


Y'all have a great weekend!!










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