Auntie K's Diary



It's FRIDAY, y'all!!!

Gooooosh, it feels like this day'd never come. Another long week for me, it was.

And just like that, as if the universe wants to tell me something, this song started playing on my walk to the train station this morning.

"Absolutely Not" by Debra Cox

OMG!! The goddess of club songs in 90's and early 2000's. This song used to fill the dance floors no matter which gay clubs you went!! Flash backs of good old days.

We haven't been out to clubbing in years now. Maybe this weekend for a change? Mingle with the youths and drop dead gorgeous bodies? Oh why not have a bit of fun dancing with the latest dance music, innit?!?


Who knows. It's WEEKEND!!

Let's party!!!
But let's all be safe!

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