Auntie K's Diary


This would be my worst nightmare

The vacation looking like this could turn so quickly..

I just watched this on internet.

This is why I have never had no wish to visit Cuba for that matter Mexico, any South East Asian countries... Many people had great times on their vacation while some not so much.

I have this gut feeling that I would be the latter... Don't ask me why but I just do. I must be the Oracle or sommat...

The last thing you want is for the vacation to be blotted out by water...


Something like water, something that we take it for granted at home, becomes the culprit of bad experience in a foreign country. And I will end up saying how a simple water could be this hassle or sommat like 'at... Making me feel like a drama queen or high-maintenance bletherskate.

Yep. That's a writing on the wall. This is why I shouldn't go to those countries.


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