Auntie K's Diary





Finally, I'm out of the office. Didn't know the day would last this long when I woke up this morning. I nearly had a chance to eat and use the loo all day.


The new HR system has become nothing but a needle under a fingernail... Yuk! Painful! That's exactly it. Their calculation is always off because of rounding errors. I've been asking them to correct the issues but no one seems to be able to fix this problem. I wonder how other companies are using this platform ... 


The requisition for an equipment improvement was such a useless requisition. I mean no one knows yet how and where we are installing this "new improvement". I did one just because I was asked to do but I had to add a line saying that I agree with the concept but that's it. I can't guarantee even in my wildest dream that the installation cost in the requisition is accurate nor wrong. Oxymoron inni. 


Now at the end of the day, I received an urgent email from HQ telling me that they might want their orders earlier. What can I do? Told the production team to hurry the fxxx up and get their shxxs ready. Responded to the email what we can and potentiallly can. Depending on what they say, the whole logistics has to be changed. That won't be a pretty day ... 


On the way back home in the train... trying to decompress but failing miserably. 










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