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Duas Quintas 2014

2017/03/01 @ Baton Rouge, Vaudreuil-Dorion Sugar content: >2% Very dry Justin: not favourite but drinkable. Me: liked it. 人気ブログランキング 海外生活日記

What's gonna happen to Aaron?!?!?!?!

ボンジュール☆ 3/1/2017放映分から。 Aaron & Robert 1st March 2017 結婚して直ぐに豚箱に入っる事になってしまったアーロンに会いに来たロバート。 この二人がカップルだってのが他の囚人にバレちゃったのでこれからはアーロン無事な日々を送る事が出来る…

I'm flabbergasted

Bonjour Right. I'm really annoyed with Robron's coming story line as many fans are. If Robert really cheats on Aaron when he is banged up, that is the end of their love story. Everything they said to each other and promised on their weddin…

Young Love

Bonjour! This couple is so cute! One day, I have stumbled across this youtube video of a gay southern college kid who were coming out to the world as a gay man. It was very emotional honest and touching video and ever since then I have bee…