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Young Love



This couple is so cute!

One day, I have stumbled across this youtube video of a gay southern college kid who were coming out to the world as a gay man. It was very emotional honest and touching video and ever since then I have been subscribing to his channel.


This video he posted this week was very heart-warming and gave me a huge grin and hope for the future. A hope for the LGBT youth out there.


I just had to record it in my memory.



Zach is very fortunate to have such an understanding and loving family. Some of us are not fortunate to be born into such a warm family.


Looking at them makes me wonder how my life would have been, had I born a decade later...


They are so comfortable in their own skin but more than anything they are extremely confident of themselves as an individual and as a couple.


That makes them sexier than their looks (although they are both very easy on anyone's eyes).


Their relationship gives anyone a hope that IT can be possible for anyone. Forget the steriotypes. Forget racial complex. Forget outside noise. Just believe in yourself and your conviction. Trust the one you love and yourself for loving that special person.


If I was born a decade earlier...


How different my life would have been...





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