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Robron Fandom is broken apart ... (Updated...)

This was the most horrible episode ever. It's stupid and silly (I know that, okay?!) for a grown man to go gaga over fictional characters and their lives events...

But I have to admit that I have invested too much emotion in shipping this incredibly unique but unimaginably trying couple.

Like many fans tweeted last night, I, too, felt, cheated, betrayed, angry, lost, and hopeless over the path of storylines Emmerdale decided to take. How can Robert, who supposed to love Aaron, cheat on Aaron with whom Aaron worries the least comfortable person to see Robert, in the very first house they bought together so that they can build a home together when Aaron comes out, and to finish it all off, he had to do 'it' in the bed that was meant for Robert and Aaron.

How dare you, Emmerdale.

What was the wedding about then? What about the vows and promises they made to each other? It's been only 10 days!!

Here are some tweets...

It goes on and on and on...

This was less than 2 weeks ago!

Emmerdale - Aaron and Robert Get Married All by Themselves

And this happened when Robert went to see Aaron

Emmerdale - Aaron's Darkest Secret Is Exposed

So Robert does this...

Emmerdale - Robert Betrays Aaron With a Kiss

The next day Robert realises what he has done and tells Chas, Aaron's mother, what he's done...Of course, what does Chas do?


Emmerdale - Chas Slaps Robert for What He's Done

And this

Emmerdale - Rebecca Takes Chas' Slap as Punishment

Them Chas's slaps felt good and good to see them!

I'm investing myself too much into this drama.... but don't know how to stop it.


Luckly, Danny, who plays Aaron, tweeted us some senses today...

Well, if he is in the fandam with us, then what else do we want more innit??

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