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It is Thursday and we finally find out what happened on Emmerdale tonight!


There are many theories to the story but all I care about is that Robron survives and they would finally get engaged!


Take a look at this clip though.


Emmerdale - Robert Proposes To Aaron Mid Argument




More vids...









I am going mental.

My hands are shaking.

I can feel tears falling down on my cheeks.

Everyone around me is looking at me like fuxkin' "L(oser)" written on my forehead...


I mean, I would REALLY like to see these two characters grow old together.


It's about time for us to see that on telly innit, I reckon.


Not just about coming out, being bashed or bullied, but actual lives of a gay couple simply just growing old together, going through life events that we all go through, both good and bad together, learning to trust in each other, and trully becoming one as a unit.


Give young LGBTQ some hope! Let them dream!


It's only soap but then again that's the fatastic part of telly or movies.  It reaches out to so many people.



I am now blathering, aren't I. Right.


Well, I am definitely watching the shows when I get home tonight!


I hope my heart can take it ...







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What a silly old man I am...